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Sustainable Development & Community

Sustainable Development is a core element of our guiding strategy and supports our growth as a diversified natural resources company. This includes the activities we undertake across our operations to ensure the health and safety of our people; how we make valuable economic and social contributions to communities and regions where we operate; and how we manage our environmental footprint.

Our active engagement and deep understanding of the countries, communities and environments where we operate, combined with our Tier 1 assets, form the foundation of our business strategy and position our Group to create value for our shareholders and other stakeholders.

Our sustainability model comprises of four pillars - Responsible Stewardship, Building Strong Relationships Adding and Sharing Value and Strategic Communications - each designed to support our long term sustainability as a world class diversified natural resource company, providing superior returns to our shareholders. These three pillars capture the processes and activities we undertake to ensure our future.

The fourth pillar Strategic Communications was added in FY 2014-15, this pillar reflects our commitment to becoming a more transparent and responsible corporate citizen. This also reflects our emphasis on our principles of community dialogue and mutual respect, including free prior informed consent to access natural resources.


Do view the interactive Vedanta Sustainability Report September 2018 here


Responsible Stewardship 

With several systems in place, we aim to manage our operations to minimise the risk of harm to people and the environment throughout the lifecycle of our projects 

Building Strong Relationships 

The foundation of our entire business is built on the strong relationships developed with our people, shareholders, governments, peers as well as the communities we operate in 

Adding and sharing value 

We realise the importance of environment protection and social development and have a number of systems to ensure that we create and share value