sesa sterlite

Our Strategy

To deliver growth, long-term value and sustainable development through our diversified portfolio of large, long-life, low-cost assets.


Our strategy is based on the following three pillars:





Production growth and asset optimization

We focus primarily on extending our resource base and growing our assets organically, investing in projects that expand our capacity and enable us to achieve optimal production.



Focus Areas

Disciplined approach towards ramp-up

Aluminium, Power & Iron Ore: Disciplined ramp-up of new capacities 

Zinc: Ramp-up volumes from Rampura Agucha underground mines

Oil and Gas: Enhance gas production, EOR at other fields  



Long-term value 


De-leveraging our balance sheet and maximising free cash flow

We strive to enhance operational performance through a culture of continuous improvement to achieve an optimal cost position in all our businesses.

Focus Areas

Reduce net debt

Continued optimization of opex and capex

Continued discipline around working capital

Reduce net gearing and efficiently refinance upcoming maturities  



Identifying the next generation of resources 

Focus Areas

Disciplined approach to exploration

Continue to enhance our exploration capabilitites: Dedicated exploration cell formed

Phased development of Gamsberg  

Continuing simplification of the group structure

Focus Areas

Pursue further simplification

Work towards Vedanta Limited-Cairn India merger 




Protect and preserve our license to operate

Focus Areas

Achieve Zero Harm environment

Implement biodiversity management plans at all sites

Proactive engagement with local communities prior to accessing resources 



Responsible Stewardship

We are committed to developing effective business processes for robust compliance and risk management, protecting health and safety of our employees and managing our enivronmental impacts. 

Building Strong Relationships

We maintain an ongoing and transparent dialogue with all our stakeholders in order to build strong relationships that will allow our business to succeed, and engage effectively with our diverse stakeholders to foresee and manage relevant risks, opportunities and challenges.

Adding and Sharing Value

We believe in pioneering newer, better ways to improve the well-being and development of our stakeholders, all of who play a pivotal role in powering us ahead. We are acutely aware that the higher the return they get, the more invested in us they remain.

Strategic Communications

We communicate consistently with all our stakeholders, basing all our interactions on our principles of community dialogue and mutual respect, including free, prior informed consent to access natural resources. Such initiatives enable us to engage with our stakeholders in a transparent dialogue.