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Corporate calendar



02-Nov-17 Q2 & Half Year FY2017-18 Earnings
10-Oct-17 Q2 FY2017-18 Production Release
25-Jul-17 Q1 FY2017-18 Earnings
15-May-17 Q4 and Full Year FY2016-17 Earnings
11-Apr-17 Q4 FY2016-17 Production Release
14-Feb-17 Q3 & Nine Months FY2016-17 Earnings
28-Oct-16 Q2 & Half Year FY2016-17 Earnings
10-Oct-16 Q2 FY2016-17 Production Release
29-Jul-16 Q1 FY2016-17 Earnings
28-Apr-16 Q4 and Full Year FY2015-16 Earnings
11-Apr-16 Q4 FY2015-16 Production Release
28-Jan-16 Q3 & Nine Months FY2015-16 Earnings
27-Oct-15 Q2 & Half Year FY2015-16 Earnings
09-Oct-15 Q2 FY2015-16 Production Release
29-Jul-15 Q1 FY2015-16 Earnings
11-Jul-15 Annual General Meeting
29-Apr-15 Q4 & Full Year FY2014-15 Earnings
10-Apr-15 Q4 FY201-15 Production Release

 Dates may be subject to change